Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ben vs Bathroom Fan - Concluded?

So, on my way out the door to Home Depot, to get a replacement bathroom fan I have a thought. The fan itself looks fine, maybe the problem isn't with it - maybe something is stuck in vent or something?

So, I return to the scene of the crime, feel up in the vent, and notice that the plastic air shaft that connects to the fan isn't quite in place.

I snap it back in place, put the fan back (thank heaven for the new rechargeable screwdriver mom just bought me, those are some long screws!) and turn it on. And sure enough, it sounds better. I think, a lot better.

I think I'll give it another couple days, but I'm thinking the issue is fixed.

Score one for thinking through the problem, instead of just marching off to Home Depot to do the most obvious repair.


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