Sunday, August 24, 2008

Artist Of The Day: Dean Ferrell And another music source

While trying to listen to Americana Roots Radio I stumbled on Dean Ferrell's MySpace page. I'm not usually a fan of auto-playing music, but in this case, Dean's first song caught my attention and sounded good enough to keep there to listen to all his tracks.

So, put on your headphones and visit here to take a listen.

Good stuff, right? Check out Dean's artist page to read his explanations of the songs.

I was also impressed with Dean's take on buying his music:

Here are my songs at available for purchase here or you could email me and ask me if I'd send you a copy for free.

I wish all artists appreciated that connecting with their fans is of significant value, and that trading some tracks for this relationship might very well be a smart move.

Finally, Dean introduced me to

Q: What is IAC?

A: IAC is Independent Artists Company, the Indie Capital of the World. It is comprised of several components, only one of which is the music site. Other facets will be coming over the course of the next several years. offers various genre charts, including a country one that makes for some interesting listening. It's a fun place to go after you've been listening to the same half dozen songs on the radio by the same mega stars.

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