Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bow Tie Hack

About 10 minutes before we had to leave for Aaron and Michelle's wedding, I realized I had left the bow tie for my tuxedo on the floor of my bedroom. One small catch, my bedroom floor was 395 miles away from parents house, where I was getting dressed.

What to do?

I scrounged around looking for a bow tie - but had no luck. Shira's mom couldn't dig up one either. We didn't have time to stop at a store. Things were looking pretty grim.

Then I got a text message from my mom - the problem had been solved. She had one for me.

I arrived at the wedding, and sure enough, my mom handed me a black bow tie.

How did she pull this miracle off? She asked a waitress if she, or one of her fellow wait staffers had an extra. Sure enough, they did.

Brilliant! This is a hack I'm definitely going to remember. Just more proof - moms can fix anything.

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