Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dinner With Lavine

Shira's out of town - but I'm not starving. Greg got me out on the town,
on a school night no less!

If all goes well, I should be seeing a lot more of Greg as he's just
moved to the area. He's thinking about settling down in Maryland, so I
have to talk him out of that decision.

Welcome Greg - enjoy the humidity and traffic, there's plenty to go



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  2. Wow, Greg's Back.
    Excellant. Tell him i missed him at Matt's wedding reception. I hope all is well with him.

    The reason I'm writing though is that i'd like to know what your fascinating conversations were like without Shira there. Were they all about Trapizoid, Ms. Satter, notebooks on a rope, turtles running, etc.

    Ahh the coming together of two old geeky friends (I should know, i'm a geek who's also friends with a Lavine), there's just nothing like it.