Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Productive Frosh

Another gem from my Mother-in-Law:

Armed with a soldering iron and energy drinks, a teenager who will soon be a freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology has developed a way to make the Apple iPhone available to a much wider audience.

From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Let's see, as I was heading off to SUNY Buffalo for my freshman year of school, I was more concerned with picking classes, buying books and figuring out how to turn my vax username of VP24NYVM into an e-mail address (yes, that was my username - kids today have it so easy, what with their intelligible e-mail addresses and such).

Hacking the latest technology at the hardware level just wasn't on my radar.

If I were Apple, or better yet, Microsoft, I'd start wooing this kid today.


  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I was actually thinking of you when I saw that the other day. He apparently has already gone deeper than that. At the end of one of his pieces, maybe on YouTube, he asked Google for an internship. My guess is that they hired him and are paying him to attend school at RIT. (BTW, I just saw your Twitter in my deskbar, and it said: "BenSimon: Landed". I could only laugh and think of Ben Folds' Landed. Hope you play piano.

  2. Good for him, asking for an Internship.

    Heck, he should be asking for a job...