Friday, August 31, 2007

Surprise, All The Good Names Aren't Taken

Anyone who's ever tried to find a domain name for a website they want to launch has known the frustration of trying to find an available name to purchase. It sometimes seems like all the good ones are gone.

Gavin pointed me to a really impressive site that helps overcome a bad case of namers-block. Check it out:

The idea is simple: give a few words, and it will tell you which combinations of those words are available in the form of a domain name. also lets you easily add synonyms and tune other options like whether it should find .com domains only, or branch out to other domains.

The site makes use of Web 2.0 style AJAX - and it does so beautifully. The interaction with the site is nothing short of remarkable. This is yet another site to review just for the UI alone, not to mention the cool service it offers.

Let's look at an example of how it might be used. Suppose I've messed up with Shira (I know, unlikely, but it occasionally happens) and I'd like to put up a website that's sort of the geek's version of buying flowers. I need a name domain name, but which one to choose? According to here are some options:

The site also offers a quick check facility for names - good news - is also available.

Godaddy - you would be insane not to throw piles of money at this guy to buy his site. You'll sell way more domains if people have a really easy interface for finding them.

Hmmm, that apology website doesn't seem like such a bad idea now...

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