Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Complete Sudoku

I just finished my first complete Sudoku puzzle, with Shira's help, of

Normally, I have no interest in Sudoku, but I've found it's a wonderful
way to pass time on the plane as we taxi to and from the gate.

Usually, I get part way through the puzzle - but not this time. I so
nailed the easy one presented in the in-flight magazine.

I'm not exactly sure why Sudoku is such a hit on the plane. Obviously,
there's the practical matters. It requires no electricity and doesn't
require the same mental investment as reading or working.

However, I think there's more to it than the pragmatic reasons. When I
first started playing, I would manually scan each square looking for a
match. Now, I find myself in a near Flow like state where I'm just
scanning the page, and poof, something clicks. I then get a little
mental boost at every correct answer.

So, basically, Sudoku is a drug. The best kind of drug too, as it's
using the chemicals I already have in my body.

Mmmmm....instant gratification, feels good.



  1. i just got into the sudoko craze at our drummer's graduation from Mason last year. it's sort of like the friend who's always a friend, until you have some magical hardship together, and then all the sudden you realize you wanna date.

  2. Dude, you are so right. I couldn't have put it more elegantly myself.