Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's not the heat, it's the humidity

I see - it only feels like 101F degrees, it's really a nice cool 92F out there.

Looking outside my office window, I can almost see the humidity floating in the air. How typical for DC.

Shira and I have already started the discussions as to whether I can go for a run tonight outside or not, like I want to. So far, she's winning. Triple digits will do that.

Update: Here's a google talk session I just had with Shira on this topic:

Shira: "People don't realize it, but heat is generally the number-one killer" among weather-related causes, said Ben Miller, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service office in the St. Louis area. "We've gone all year without a serious heat wave so we want people to be aware of what to do to keep themselves safe."

Shira R. Simon is online.
Sent at 2:04 PM on Tuesday
Ben: tell it to the blog

Shira: I'm telling it to you
The weather forced the St. Louis Rams inside for daytime workouts this week.
Ben: it's well know that the St. Louis Rams are a bunch of chicks

Shira: with hand carts?

Sent at 2:10 PM on Tuesday
Ben: perhaps

Update: See, it's later in the evening and it's already cooling down. I have no idea what Shira's so concerned about.

Update: D'oh, we are going the wrong direction. What the heck kind of city has temperatures of 103F at 6pm?


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    What you're not saying is that she's the one that wants you to run...

  2. :-)

    Well, not exactly.

    She's got this whole thing about getting heat stroke, and how it's "unsafe" to run in 101 degrees. P'shah.

    Real Men don't mind heat or humidity.

    So she's on the stay inside end of the bargain, while I'm trying to go for a run.

    Mind you, the inside of our house doesn't always feel much cooler than 92...

  3. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I get the feeling you'll be needing this link


  4. Real men* played soccer from 6pm - 8.30pm, and will be doing exactly the same tomorrow night when it's supposed to be even hotter...

    (*ok, 7 men and 7 women)

  5. Well, you know what they say: "Only dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun"

    Simon, you have officially earned the Ben Simon - You're A Real Man - stamp of a approval.

    This stamp is nearly worthless. But congrats none the less.

  6. Anonymous3:07 AM

    What kind of city has triple digit temps at 6pm? Phoenix, AZ...

    My moving truck will be here in 6 hours.

    - Anthony :)

  7. Anthony -

    Good point. Any city that's 91F at 5:15am (which is what it is now) is one where I'd expect triple digits pretty regularly :-).

    Good luck with the move and the new location.

    Whatever you do, just remember to drink plenty of water :-).