Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cell Phone Kvetching

At 4pm I noticed my battery was down to 1 bar. At 7pm tonight, I was completely out of juice.

This is unacceptable.

I charged the phone completely last night, and it can't make it through a full day of usage. It wasn't even particularly heavy usage.

I've officially changed my mind as to the biggest issue with the Sidekick III - it's no longer the camera, it's the battery life.

I totally have the urge to search eBay for a cheap phone with a qwerty keyboard that gets good battery life and would fulfill my basic needs: surfing basic web sites, posting to the blog, and of course the occasional phone call. (Does such a beast exist?) But inevitably, I'll just suck it up and go on with the SK III. I think I'll at least buy an extra adapter or two to keep at work or in the car.

Maybe it's time to buy a replacement battery?



  1. Just curious, but what would you estimate is your daily voice usage time? I've noticed that while I can get several days out of my Pearl without charging, if I'm talking a lot (which I usually don't) that time goes down very drastically.

  2. My voice time varies - but I've noticed the same thing you have. When I'm on travel, and calling in a lot, my battery really goes fast.

    How ironic is that if I had a basic phone which just did voice, the phone would probably last forever. Yet, it's the voice component that kills our fancy PDAs.