Monday, August 27, 2007

Fairwell Scratch Pad - We Knew Ye Not

While Shira and I were in Rochester this weekend, the topic of the blog came up. My Mom, Dad, Brother and Shira all agree - the Scratch Pad, my Twitter feed, has to go.

Obviously, I thought it was a clever idea. I thought, hey, it'll give me yet another way to blog. Apparently, I was wrong - very wrong.

Opinions on why the Scratch Pad was so bad range from the fact that it is just noise, to the fact that it makes me look less intelligent. Ouch.

It's interesting to note, that while I've blogged about many topics, from relationship advice to Python style Generators, I've never had any opposition to any content from my family. But the Scratch Pad - yuck, useless.

The whole dislike of the twitter feed reminds me of a comment from Wired Magazine on the topic of why the Star Wars Prequels were such a bad idea:

Patton Oswalt: The prequels are like offering someone ice cream, then giving them a bag of rock salt and saying, "Eventually, you can turn this into ice cream." Star Wars is ice cream. Don't give us rock salt.

The Scratch Pad was the rock salt. Nobody cares.

Lesson learned. It's coming down in just a few minutes...

For those who enjoyed the Scratch Pad, you can still follow it on Twitter.

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  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Gosh, how often do you agree with the in-laws? :-) But, we all joined together and launched a coordinated effort, and alas, we succeeded. Goodbye scratchpad, you will not be missed.