Tuesday, August 28, 2007

T-Mobile Disappointment

I just attempted to go shopping for a new cell phone. I wanted to check out the Wing. I know it's a product of the Evil Empire, but it has all the bells and whistles. Not to mention, my Sidekick lasted less than 9 hours today before running out of battery juice. I'm getting desperate and not loving Danger.

So I headed over to a T-mobile store in the Balston Mall.

I could quickly tell they had a Wing in stock. Whew, didn't waste my time getting out here.

Then I asked to handle one. You know, before I spend like $400 on a phone I'd like to use it.

The rep at the counter explained they didn't have a live one. I could play with a dummy phone. Excuse me? What about the live one secured to the counter in a Fort-Knox grade security device? He can't give me access to that one - against the rules.

I had no choice, I thanked the guy and walked away.

A cell phone is an incredibly tactile device, not to mention a complex one. How can I choose to buy one if I can't play with it? I need to feel its weight, notice the delay in the screen flip and shoot some video. What an absolutely absurd policy.

That's like going to a Toyota showroom and not being allowed to drive a Prius. Sure, you can sit in the one parked on the sales floor. But drive it? Please, that's against the rules.

It didn't help that when I asked him about the phone in general he said I needed to be more specific. Then I asked him if people had any complaints about it? Nope, not that he knew of.

This is a $400 computer we are talking about here - not a $30 cordless phone. Argh. I'm officially unimpressed with this shopping experience.



  1. When we got Lauren's Pearl, we went to the T-Mobile store on K Street. They had every phone there live and kicking.

    From what I know, the Wing is as good as it gets when it comes to WM. I've got a friend with the Sprint version, he loves it. I personally, would never go to the dark side, but then again... the way smartphone the market stands, the Wing is probably the best phone I seen in the last year. I'm an Apple fan but I'd probably recommend the Wing over the iPhone to a true power user.

    Now if Palm could just release something new.... also I think the BB Curve is suppose to be available on T-Mobile soon. Also the guys at T-Mobile said that they think the new sidekick is due out in October.

  2. Hey Nick -

    Thanks for the endorsement and info. The Wing does look tempting - though I know it won't be nearly as slick as my SK.

    Yeah, I heard the rumor about the Sidekick. I'm tempted to try to limp along until it comes out - but even then, it's a stretch.

  3. you could always buy a temporary phone on ebay while you wait, that way you won't waste your new contract benefits.

  4. Hey Nick -

    The temporary phone is a good idea. I've searched through eBay but I can't seem to find one that's both cheap and provides me with the must-have (OK, really-want) features.

    At a minimum I need a texter friendly keyboard and a camera. Excellent battery life would be ideal :-).

    You had further good advice with the Blackberry Curve - it's what the clerk recommended tonight.

    I should hire you as my personal phone consultant :-).