Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Request: Chocolate out of fabric?

I have this friend, we'll call him Gen. Gen is a real slob and keeps spilling food on himself. Of late, he keeps getting bits of candy, mostly chocolate on himself and his surroundings.

How can he get the stains out?

So far, he's tried: rubbing really hard, rubbing really hard with a damp cloth, and anger. No luck so far.

Please, for Gen's sake - how can he remove these blemishes.

I, uh, I mean he, will be forever in thankful for such a solution.


1 comment:

  1. I see 3 options... 1. buy the exact same shirt and tell every one you managed to get it out. 2. get a pair of sissors.... 3. here are two links from

    eHow: Remove chocolate from fabric
    eHow: Remove chocolate from clothing

    I've actually managed to get away with only needing the pre-treatment stuff. you can ask Lauren which 'stain remover' she buys it tends to work on most any stain we've been hit with.