Thursday, August 16, 2007

Eyes in the back of my head

I'm a big believer in moving people around for efficient communications. If two people have to work closely on something, even if only for a week or two, then, I think they should sit side by side.

As a result of this philosophy, we had yet another team office shuffle. My final placement is decent - I can see the door, and passers by can't see my monitor. Though I have folks sitting behind me.

With my wide angle mirror though I can at least get a glimpse of them back there. Theoretically, this would avoiding a heart attach if they tap me on the shoulder and I'm deep in flow.

Mostly I needed the mirror because they were laughing behind me and I needed to be sure they weren't also gesturing at me at the same time.


1 comment:

  1. these are the things in life that really are more important than those other things in life people think you should be concerned with. you also forgot to include that you are that much closer to the coolest (non?) development office in the entire company.