Monday, August 27, 2007

I know it's Monday...


  • My sidekick crashed today, causing me to lose two blog entries I had written on the flight from Rochester to DC
  • The e-mail for my sidekick hasn't synced up properly after the crash because over the weekend T-mobile had a massive outage. Thousands of customers were without Internet over the weekend. I wasn't affected at all until my own crash this morning
  • For unexplained reasons we lost power at the office today for 22 minutes
  • A production MySQL reporting database crashed and wouldn't recover automatically. I ended up having to recreate the entire DB structure, and then had to restore from a mirrored image
  • The TCP/IP route to our Geo-Locator's API server is hosed and is causing ping times around 4 ~ 9 seconds, instead of less than 100 milliseconds

Luckily, I have just as many things to be thankful for.

  • While my phone crashed, my plane didn't. Heck, it wasn't even delayed
  • We left and arrived out of gates that were really close to the security checkpoint
  • Traffic from Baltimore to DC was fairly painless this morning
  • I learned about MySQL and how its databases are structured on disk
  • I discovered a routing problem with our Geo Locator API provider in about 30 seconds after looking at the problem
  • I'm still married to Shira
  • My uncle had an MRI that showed no tumor growth
  • Tomorrow is Tuesday

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