Friday, August 10, 2007

Here's a Tip -

My friend Christian recently finished coding a new web app - It's a simple and cool concept - the site is a repository of brief tips.

The tips cover a wide variety of topics, from parenting to Linux administration (oh wait, maybe those topics aren't that different). Here's a sample:

Improve the growth of your tomato plants by placing a layer of red material such as plastic, cloth or mulch around the base of the plant. The red color reflects specific wavelengths of light that encourage the plants to grow, ripen and focus growth above ground instead of the root system. --rhall

The best part of TipBin is that it's so easy to contribute to. Once I worked up the courage to post one item, more ideas just started coming to me. As Christian says on the site - You know things that other people don't. So true.

It's actually amazing how much useful advice can be imparted in 320 characters.

Also, I have to say - Christian's wife, Michelle, is officially the tipmaster. She's got a tip for everything. Next time I need advice on anything, I'm going to her.


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