Friday, August 03, 2007

Productivity Down, Life Good

A bit of excitement at the office, as a pretty nasty looking accident just happened outside our window.

This means that we have to stand at the window to watch the details unfold.

It also means that at as bad as my day may seem, it could be tons worse.



  1. Without looking up your company info for an address, without looking up that ford dealer, and having not worked in tysons for over 6 years, I'd like to make a guess as to where your office is. I just used google maps (and some basic memory from long ago) to come up with this guess, but I'm not 100% sure about this.

    So, is the building in the center of this map your office?

    While looking at tysons through google maps streets/satellite hybrid mode, I found a couple other things that were noteworthy, to me:

    - Check out this google maps joining glitch.

    - What a pretty design.. At first, I thought, "Someone put some thought into what this would look like from above, didn't they?" But, later, I realized that that's also how it would have looked on *paper* when it was initially designed. Either way, I like the way it looks, on that map.

    Speaking of Productivity Down, I just wasted quite a bit of time playing with google maps! Time to do some actual work.

  2. Dave -

    You totally nailed it! I'm really impressed. The CIA should be taking advantage of your skills.

    Nice finds on Google maps. Again, I'm impressed.